Hi, I'm Ameka. I'm 9 years old and I enjoy running. I'm very excited about being recently selected for the British team in the under 11s category at the European Championships in Erding, Germany, in June, then later in the year at the World Championships in Bath, UK.


The event I will compete in is called Laser Run, which is a combination of running and shooting. For this event you have to run to the shooting range where the laser pistols are laid out and hit your target 5 times before you can go on to run round the course back to the shooting range. You do this up to four times in total and the first one across the line is the winner! This sport is part of the Pentathlon.


Taking part in these events is very expensive and we have to pay for everything ourselves so I would be very grateful if you would donate something towards our trip so I can take part and represent Great Britain at these championships. This is the chance of a lifetime and it would mean so much to me.


Thank you for your support!




My JustGiving page is here


2023 Laser Run European Championships - Erding, Germany, 28th June - 2 July


2023 UIPM Modern Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships, Bath, UK, 19-28 August


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